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Typically QHHT sessions are the only sessions that need to be done in person. Otherwise, both traditional and spiritual regression therapy can be done in person or remotely. This is a choice that is up to the individual, both types of healing are similarly effective.

дистанційні сесії

Due to Covid, and the ease, i.e. no additional travel, or expense in time, many clients are choosing to do video internet sessions. The quality of the therapy is the same as in person, while being in the comfort of your home, with a video recording of the session.

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Worrying about the past, can be a causal event for bringing forward depression. By understanding and healing the past, realizing our purpose, living a purpose based life, we can start to love ourselves and heal our depression.

Trauma is in the auric field. Healing the soul is key in healing the trauma. Our bodies react to these soul tears where the trauma is located, causing pain/inflamation/discomfort. By healing the soul, the mind and body will follow.

Typically this can be done in a one or two sessions. Hypnotherapy has been shown to be over 95% effective in studies. It is a simple, easy, way to get your health back, while saving money in the long run.

Hypnotherapy is very successful for clients who have gone through addiction treatment centers and are looking for an alternative. My addiction program starts off with healing trauma, then depression/anxiety, self love, entity releasement, then finally learning how to connect to your Higher Power.

Worrying about the future, is a stressor that brings forward anxiety. By understanding our purpose, why we’re here, developing coping mechanisms, reaching deep into ourselves, we can control, manage and mitigate our panic episodes.

The solution to weight loss or gain is not in the food. We all need a new approach to body dysmorphia. My focus is on self love, forgiveness, spiritual, physical healing and reconnecting to your Higher Power/unconditional love. These programs are key in addressing these concerns.

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Тривожний розлад

An anxiety program can be tackled in as little as a few sessions. You need to learn about yourself and go deep into yourself with self love and non-judgement. Learning meditation, self hypnosis, energy work will be key tools that I'll be using with you to empower you into managing your anxiety and understanding how to control panic episodes.


Imagine having energy to face the day, a sense of purpose for the contribution you're going to make. Stopping or reducing your prescription meds. All of these are possible if you enroll in a program to learn about your own depression.

Втрата ваги

Going back to your childhood and healing traumatic events is key in dealing with your weight loss. We will be able to review episodes in this lifetime. If its needed, we can even go back into past or parallel lives. Issues we will be covering are forgiveness, self love and acceptance. Hypnosis has proven to improve and maintain weight loss.


The 11th step of AA is all about connecting to your Higher Power. Do you know that your Higher Power is not a belief system, its something that all of us can experience. Through this connection we learn to forgive ourselves, understand unconditional love and begin to heal. The addiction treatment program, that I've created is cutting edge and very effective. By healing trauma without traumatization, then understanding what the lesson of addiction was created for in our lives, we can go forward to heal with no judgment while permitting ourselves to grow in self-empowerment.


Although the body holds the score, trauma is in the auric field. Our body is reacting to the that energy in our soul. The removal of trauma is by healing the soul. To understand our soul journey we need to learn to re-connect. Trauma treatment doesn't need to force us to relive the trauma event. It can be done kindly, easily and gracefully, with no traumatization.

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Our therapy sessions are organized in 3 aspects, developing and understanding intent/rapport building, the hypnosis p, and integration. We usually tackle one issue per session.

It all depends on the type of session. A typical suggestibility hypnotherapy session can be an hour, while a regression therapy session can be 2. Typically the first sessions in spiritual regression are 3 hours long, while a QHHT session is 4 to 5 hours long. Just ask.


Some insurance companies cover hypnotherapy or hypnosis, find out first from your insurance provider.

This all depends on the issues that we are trying to deal with. Typically a QHHT session will be a one time event, while some different programs ie weight loss, can be multiple sessions.

All recordings are the property of the client, unless specifically permitted by the client in written form. I maintain a professional courtesy of confidentiality to all my clients.

Please book for a free, non obligation 30 minute session on my calendar on the book me button.

Cost of therapy is dependent upon the program, please book a 30 minute strategy session to find out, how much your personal program would be.

Я пропоную (безкоштовні) безкоштовні сеанси для всіх нових клієнтів. Це ідеальна можливість для нас оцінити, чи ми підходимо. 

Забронюйте безкоштовний сеанс 
  • This all depends on the issues and intentions we have in the session.  With some spiritual sessions, I let the client ask the Divine to tell the client how many sessions are required.

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Я працював із сотнями клієнтів, щоб вирішити причини депресії, залежності, тривоги та багатьох інших проблем. Зв’яжіться зі мною сьогодні для конфіденційної безкоштовної консультації.