особисті сесії

Healing treatments can be done in person or remotely. By doing it in person you benefit in having that experience and feeling the energy from an in-person experience. Some sessions like QHHT require and ask for in person treatments.

дистанційні сесії

Remote sessions are just as powerful as in-person sessions. Maybe you’re not in close to be able to do an in person session. Well then you’ll still receive the healing, wisdom and transformation similar to an in-person session.

Мені потрібна допомога з...

Please reach out. Only a few people need to be on anti-depresents. If you’d like to find out how to quickly manage your depression, please reach out. 

Current trauma therapy focusses on reliving the trauma. Emdr and various psychovogal therapies are focussed on “bulldozing” the trauma. You can easily remove trauma by reaching out and sending it to the light. Find out how by booking a session.

Smoking cessation through hypnosis has been documented to have over 94% success rate. If you’re struggling with marijuana smoking or vaping book a session.

Most addiction programs focus on behaviour. Reach out for my hypnotherapy program on addiction. By healing your heart, you’ll be also healing your addiction. 

Anxiety has become a very over medicated societal problem. Find out how through meditation/hypnotherapy you can manage your panic attacks and control your anxiety.

My spiritual weight loss program is key to losing weight. By healing the spirit, the body and mind will follow. You’ll drop excess kilograms or pounds quickly, easily and consecutively.

Особливості лікування

Тривожний розлад

Тривога can be managed and contolled. Through learning self hypnosis, managing your mind, and spirit, you'll be able to control your racing mind. Panic attacks will become a distant memory.


Can't get out of bed? What was your purpose? Why did you come here to earth and what do you need to focus on to create? Let's get you back on track for you to complete your life's goals and mission. Please reach out.

Втрата ваги

Healing the spirit is key to weight loss. It'll also help with Type 2 diabetes, strokes and high blood pressure. Obesity has risen to be a rising health crisis, but it doesn't have to be, all you need to do is ask for help.

Куріння / Залежність

Hypnotherapy is the leading holistic technique in quiting smoking. Why waste your health, money on this controllable behaviour? Find out how to get your life back.


Trauma is easily released from the body and mind because trauma is located in the spirit. Find out how, book a session today.

Питання що часто задаються

By accessing the subconscious we are able to access 95% to 99% of your mind. You’ll feel totaly relaxed while you’re healing. 

Typically my session are from one to 3 hours. Generally by spending longer in hypnosis, the benefits are stronger and more effective. 

Yes, I’m happy to provide receipts for your insurance provider.

It all depends on what we are tackling. Usually we would meet once a week. Typically smoking can be from one to two sessions, while depression, anxiety can be a few more. I have never done over 10 sessions with a single client.

It’s as easy as calling me at 204-294-0925, emailing at tmachula66@gmail.com or arranging a strategy call. 

Cost is based upon results. Please reach out for me to discuss your particular program.

I offer (free) complimentary strategy sessions for all new clients. This is the perfect opportunity for us to gauge if we are a good fit. 

Забронюйте безкоштовний сеанс 

It all depends on what we are tackling, typically, I have never done over 10 sessions with a single client. 

21 Leslie Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

All information shared is strictly private and under client/therapist privilege. 

Отримуйте безкоштовний сеанс та змінюйте своє життя одразу!

Я працював із сотнями клієнтів, щоб вирішити причини депресії, залежності, тривоги та багатьох інших проблем. Зв’яжіться зі мною сьогодні для конфіденційної безкоштовної консультації.