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Taras Machula, M.A., CH.T. Expert Hypnotist

Why reach out to a hypnotherapist?

I work with the largest part of your mind. Over 95% of your mind is the subconscious. This is the place where all healing happens. I am very results oriented, while sticking to a client focused therapy model where we work together to achieve your goals. Typically, in most sessions, I’m the witness to your greatness, to your own divine nature.

Hypnotherapy services are effective, introspective and very positive, with a heaping dose of unconditional love and non-judgement.

Areas Of Expertise

Expert in traditional hypnotherapy techniques and modalities as well as spiritual regression.

You are not defined by your condition, I  work with you to find your greatness and heal yourself.

How Hypnotherapy Services Work?

Hypnotherapy works because it  accesses the deepest  and largest part of your mind, the subconscious. The place where all the feelings, emotions, trauma is stored. 

A Stanford University  brain study has proven that your conscious mind is less than 1% of your mind. Heal the soul, and the body and mind will follow. This is the most powerful type of healing with the least amount of sessions.

Claim your complimentary session and transform your life right away!

I've worked with hundreds of clients in resolving the roots of depression, addiction, anxiety, and a whole lot of other challenges. Get in touch with me today for your confidential no obligation 30 minute strategy session.

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Sergei Chernenko
Sergei Chernenko
Frank D'Silva
Frank D’Silva
Taras, is very knowledgeable, caring and very eager to reach out and help. He will go all out to help and guide you. His vast knowledge of different hypnosis techniques is very beneficial. I would highly recommend him.
Infinite Healing Hypnosis
Infinite Healing Hypnosis
Taras Machula has taught me invaluable techniques via hypnosis that have changed my life on a personal level in such a loving, gentle, beautiful way, as I work through my trauma. His work is heart centered, and teaches that working with ones Higher Self, with the Divine, that all physical, emotional, spiritual healing is realistic and successful. Through his Divine teachings, and unique hypnosis techniques, I have also made drastic changes on a professional level with much success. My hypnosis clients are healing, recreating the life they truly want to live, and their relationship to Self and others are greatly enhanced and fruitful. I highly recommend all Taras offers in way of healing hypnosis coursework (The Temple of Divinity for Heart Healing) and/or hypnosis sessions for healing. Life changing!????????

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