Taras Machula, M.A. CH.T.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner
founder of the temple of divinity™

My hypnotherapy education began with  Dolores Cannon’s past life regression technique called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Then I added traditional hypnotherapy techniques such as hypnotherapy for dementia, regression to cause, neuro-linguistic programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and conversational hypnosis. I am constantly, striving to improve my hypnotherapy skillset.  Over the last two years, I have focused on spiritual regression by learning Howard Battie’s “Spiritual Journey’s”, William Baldwin’s “Spirit Releasement Therapy”, then Michael Newton’s “Life between Lives”, and becoming an energy master/Reiki Master Holy Fire 111. In December of 2020, I had the privilege to find a place in the spiritual realms which I named “The Temple of Divinity(TM)”.

My approach is based on self empowerment. I am only the guide to your greatness. By  accessing  the subconscious, we can access your true or Higher Self. This is the repository of all the information about yourself, your purpose, and how to heal your spirit/mind and body. Permit me to guide you to an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.


A skilled traditional and spiritual regressionist, who now is growing  through teaching spiritual techniques, and knowledge.

My Personal Journey

My personal journey or spiritual awakening began when my father John died in 2018. He started coming to me in dreams. I was familiar with the grieving process having worked as a cemetery director for 5 years and watching people grieve their loved ones. But now, while watching my dad wither away over a period of several years, and see him  struggling with dementia, my grief for his passing hit home. After his death, he started coming to me with messages of love. Not understanding how this was possible, I started to look for answers to these events. 

I realized the solution was to learn how to connect to the Divine. This journey took me to over 40 different churches searching for an answer to my own spiritual questions, studying different religions, discovering mysticism, reaching out to monks, nuns, mediums, psychics, hypnotherapists and meditation teachers. Then I was told to learn QHHT. Practicing and learning this technique brought me phenomenal healing, and I started sharing this with my clients. However, my thirst for knowledge didn’t stop. I kept on taking additional courses in hypnosis. Finally, I completed my  CH.T., and  became a member of the Manitoba Hypnotherapist’s Association, as well as the National Guild of Hypnotists and recently a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

December of 2020

This was a key point in my life, where together with 3 other energy workers and Spirit, we spent 3 weeks channeling, developing, co-creating, and co-recreating this amazing place in the 6th dimension. I am the leading teacher, marketer and developer of this modality, expanding it by teaching Spirit led instructors and practitioners how to work with the Divine in this sacred place.

Hypnotist in winnipeg

Apart from my own hypnotherapy practice, I’m conducting “Temple of Divinity”(TM) practitioner training sessions.  I teach classes in meditation and past life regression. These classes are mind-blowing, spiritually evolutionary moments that I’m blessed to experience. Each class brings in more knowledge, wisdom and spiritual blessings. The classes are magical because not only do you learn how to help others, we ourselves are healed, upgraded and grow tremendously. My goal is to teach and prepare additional instructors who can teach this modality. The key to bringing peace to the world is by healing each and every human’s heart. “The Temple of Divinity”(TM) is that place to heal humanities hearts, while permitting the Divine to lead the session. Read more about Temple of Divinity.

In each of these classes we receive new knowledge, new skills and talents that are constantly being shared. My role is to be the “teacher’s teacher”. In an energy session, I was told that I would be the “unroller” of mystical/spiritual scrolls, and this has proven to be correct. I take my role seriously, humbly, with a lot of reverence, even though the Divine keeps reminding me to enjoy and keep it fun. 

Tarss Machula

Healing with Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Reading Greg McHue’s book, “The New Regression Therapy”, was my “aha” moment to understanding and accepting my life’s purpose. His advice of getting out of the way, and permitting the Divine to come in and lead the session is the mantra I follow in all my sessions. While studying hypnosis, I was always excited to learn how healing of the soul can be accomplished and how it applies to the mental and physical health of my client. Spiritual Regression Therapy is the most powerful therapy there is.  To understand it fully, takes much practice and study, however, the Divine has made a simpler version for us to use, learn and apply- “The Temple of Divinity”(TM).  Although this place is  simpler for practitioners to learn, it is still amazingly effective.  It  is a place to heal our hearts and mend that relationship with the Divine. 

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Sergei Chernenko
Sergei Chernenko
Frank D'Silva
Frank D’Silva
Taras, is very knowledgeable, caring and very eager to reach out and help. He will go all out to help and guide you. His vast knowledge of different hypnosis techniques is very beneficial. I would highly recommend him.
Infinite Healing Hypnosis
Infinite Healing Hypnosis
Taras Machula has taught me invaluable techniques via hypnosis that have changed my life on a personal level in such a loving, gentle, beautiful way, as I work through my trauma. His work is heart centered, and teaches that working with ones Higher Self, with the Divine, that all physical, emotional, spiritual healing is realistic and successful. Through his Divine teachings, and unique hypnosis techniques, I have also made drastic changes on a professional level with much success. My hypnosis clients are healing, recreating the life they truly want to live, and their relationship to Self and others are greatly enhanced and fruitful. I highly recommend all Taras offers in way of healing hypnosis coursework (The Temple of Divinity for Heart Healing) and/or hypnosis sessions for healing. Life changing!????????