(Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, developed by Dolores Cannon)
Do you have recent memories that feel like you lived in a past timeline? 

You can experience this in just one session with Taras Machula. He uses Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) to access the subconscious mind and discover your past lives. This is an incredible opportunity for self-discovery that will change your life forever. QHHT has been used by thousands of people all over the world, and they have experienced amazing results from their sessions. Now it’s your turn!

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QHHT for self-discovery and spiritual healing

Are you interested in past lives?

QHHT is a powerful and effective way to explore your past lives. It’s safe, easy, and fun! You can learn more about the process here.

We believe that we all have lived many lives before this one. And now you can discover them for yourself with your QHHT session!

How does QHHT work?

Taras has done hundreds of QHHT sessions and with each session he has learned more and processed more about himself and his state of being. Accessing the spiritual realms through this experience has been very healing, and it has given him greater awareness of his role and the relationships that loved ones have in his life for his  evolution and growth.

QHHT Treatment is a 4.5 to 5 hour session done in person with the client.

For the first hour you will have an opportunity to express your history and intention. The next hour is spent on learning how to experience your session, how to go deeper into trance, how to expand and process the information that will be coming through.

The actual hypnosis session is 2 hours. The first hour you will experience one to potentially three past lives.

You will go into several important events in the lifetime of the life that you are experiencing, and then you will visit the last day of that life.

This last day will be shown without you feeling any trauma even if the death was traumatic. These experiences are to learn, grow and expand upon the lessons that those lives were meant to reveal and what wisdom and context they have to the life you are currently living. The last hour will be a time where you reach out to your subconscious and permit your subconscious to channel information, healing or energies through to yourself. This hour of hypnotherapy is very healing.

I have been witness to many profound changes, understandings and healings during this period of time. The last half hour of your session is spent evaluating, integrating and acknowledging what has transpired.

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Sergei Chernenko
Sergei Chernenko
Frank D'Silva
Frank D’Silva
Taras, is very knowledgeable, caring and very eager to reach out and help. He will go all out to help and guide you. His vast knowledge of different hypnosis techniques is very beneficial. I would highly recommend him.
Infinite Healing Hypnosis
Infinite Healing Hypnosis
Taras Machula has taught me invaluable techniques via hypnosis that have changed my life on a personal level in such a loving, gentle, beautiful way, as I work through my trauma. His work is heart centered, and teaches that working with ones Higher Self, with the Divine, that all physical, emotional, spiritual healing is realistic and successful. Through his Divine teachings, and unique hypnosis techniques, I have also made drastic changes on a professional level with much success. My hypnosis clients are healing, recreating the life they truly want to live, and their relationship to Self and others are greatly enhanced and fruitful. I highly recommend all Taras offers in way of healing hypnosis coursework (The Temple of Divinity for Heart Healing) and/or hypnosis sessions for healing. Life changing!????????

Frequently Asked Questions

Each person is different; and this is something that can be determined on your first session with Taras.

For example, if you’re going through a break-up and just need a little help moving on, one session may be all that is needed. If you have post-traumatic stress from being in an abusive relationship or assault then more sessions would be beneficial. It really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, specific problem area(s), how difficult the issues are for you personally and more specific information on your history.

Ultimately there is no hard and fast rule, what matters most is that whatever amount of therapy makes sense for both the individual as well as their overall goal will do wonders for both emotional well-being as well.