Hypnotherapy for Trauma

Have you been through a traumatic experience?

Hypnotherapy for trauma is a way to get through a difficult period in our lives. Our bodies react to this trauma by creating a squeezing pressure, which could manifest as a headache, shoulder pain, or stomach ache to try to move that energy around.

The body holds the score, however, it does not hold the trauma. It is the effect of the trauma similar to you stopping a garden hose by folding it over, your body will react to it. By removing the actual trauma effect in the auric field, we will change how the body reacts to the trauma.

There are different ways of treating trauma, however, the easiest, quickest and least traumatic is by reviewing this in the spiritual realms.

Hypnotherapy For Trauma

Hypnotherapy for Trauma in the Spiritual Realms

Do you suffer from PTSD?

Hypnotherapy for trauma will help get rid of intrusive thoughts. If you’re going through PTSD, or Complex PTSD, there are certain trauma therapies that are out there claiming effectiveness.

My approach with Hypnotherapy for Trauma is to teach you how to work with your body, your mind, and spirit to teach, empower and educate you about your trauma.

Usually, I start with techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, then go the Traditional Hypnotherapy route, before finishing with a spiritual route of addressing trauma moments. You will always have that memory, however, the pain or anguish, night sweats, nightmares will be gone. Your body will no longer be feeling it and thus will stop reacting to the trauma.

Hypnotherapy for trauma helps get rid of mental problems

Hypnotherapy helps by reprogramming your subconscious so that it no longer holds onto negative feelings associated with past traumas. This means that instead of feeling like something bad is going to happen every time something triggers memories of the event, these thoughts will start to fade away until they are completely gone from your mind. You will finally be able to move forward in life without being held back by fear and anxiety.

Spiritual healing of trauma is the quickest, kindest modality that is used. Generally, we’re talking about a few sessions. I’d like to stress that there is no reason for you to relive the trauma to heal. That is simply not true. I’ve helped dozens of clients process their trauma without dissociation or traumatization.

For the easiest, most compassionate and loving approach to trauma, get in touch with me today for your free anti-trauma strategy session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnotherapists use positive imagery to combat depression and reprogram the mind during hypnotherapy sessions. The process involves replacing negative mental imagery with positive images that will relax you and help release any feelings associated with the traumatic event you have experienced.

Hypnosis is safe and effective way to help patients overcome trauma without medication or surgery. 

Hypnosis for trauma can be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with other therapies.

It works by helping you gain greater insight into your thoughts and feelings about yourself and others, which helps break negative thought patterns that may have been holding back your recovery process. This allows you to develop healthier ways of thinking about yourself and the world around you, which ultimately leads to improved moods and behaviours over time. You’ll find it easier to focus on what matters most in life again!