The Temple of Divinity(™)

The Temple of Divinity experience is an absolutely amazing opportunity that you must experience. It is there to remind ourselves of our divinity. It is located in the 6th dimension. It is protected by the Archangels Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael. So far we have discovered close to 70 halls, rooms or experiences within its walls. For the longest time psychologists, hypnotherapists, meditators and mystics have been searching for a special place to heal the main organ of our connection to the Divine, which is the heart. This place is here to heal our hearts, but more importantly, in healing our hearts it opens up the opportunity for us to reconnect to Source/God, the Creator.

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How does healing work in The Temple of Divinity(™)?

Typically, this can be a single 3 hour session, where you will spend 30 minutes reviewing the intention of what you wanted to solve or accomplish.

At that time, I would give you insight on how to get the most out of this experience and who you’ll be meeting in its Divine halls. It is staffed by guides/angels who hold the divine feminine energy, showing up to guide and carefully love you into healing.

During the 2 hour long session you will receive tremendous insights into your own life, with no judgment. The goal of this place is for you to grow spiritually and bring back that knowledge, wisdom and love into the current life that you are living.

The last part of the session involves integrating the healings, wisdom into your current life, where I’ll give you understanding and context of what transpired. Typically, many clients receive energy healings while they’re in session, feeling vast amounts of energy sourcing through their bodies. This is typically done to prepare you for healing. Just like a masseuse would moisturize or soften your muscles before a massage session, the Divine sends energy to prepare you to process and remove whatever may need to be removed or adjusted from your auric field.

Resolve trauma, addiction, depression, and more in The Temple of Divinity(™)

Learning how to go to the spiritual realms is key in having additional sessions. Usually, this may take two sessions to learn how to access these realms for yourself. The benefit to you is that there is less time spent in getting you to the Temple of Divinity and more time spent there learning, growing, and healing.

As a hypnotherapist practicing continuously in the Temple of Divinity, I may join you there as an observer/witness. By going up with you to the spiritual realm, I am there to guide, focus your energies on things that you may miss and provide a more expansive experience.

Lastly, doing group sessions together in the spiritual realms is the next level of healing energy. By bringing forth many open and loving hearts together in meditation/prayer with specific intention, these sessions have been some of my most memorable spiritual experiences. 
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Sergei Chernenko
Sergei Chernenko
Frank D'Silva
Frank D’Silva
Taras, is very knowledgeable, caring and very eager to reach out and help. He will go all out to help and guide you. His vast knowledge of different hypnosis techniques is very beneficial. I would highly recommend him.
Infinite Healing Hypnosis
Infinite Healing Hypnosis
Taras Machula has taught me invaluable techniques via hypnosis that have changed my life on a personal level in such a loving, gentle, beautiful way, as I work through my trauma. His work is heart centered, and teaches that working with ones Higher Self, with the Divine, that all physical, emotional, spiritual healing is realistic and successful. Through his Divine teachings, and unique hypnosis techniques, I have also made drastic changes on a professional level with much success. My hypnosis clients are healing, recreating the life they truly want to live, and their relationship to Self and others are greatly enhanced and fruitful. I highly recommend all Taras offers in way of healing hypnosis coursework (The Temple of Divinity for Heart Healing) and/or hypnosis sessions for healing. Life changing!????????

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