Spiritual WiFi

There once was a king of a very wealthy kingdom. He was a good king, he looked after his people, but he was unhappy. As he walked amongst his people he noticed that they weren’t happy. His advisors showed him how his people suffered from obesity, illness, the most incarcerations, the most addictions and taking the most prescription medicine than any other kingdom in the world. 

He asked his most senior advisor, what should he do? He told him to sleep on it and the answer would come. During the night the king had a dream and he saw that his people were walking around with thought clouds coming from their heads and in these clouds he could see that they held depression, anxiety, self hatred, judgment, jealousy, envy and trauma.

He woke up from this dream all sweaty and bothered and he immediately told his wizard Merlin about his dream. “I have heard about a kingdom across the seas that has a very wise king,” counselled Merlin. “Maybe you need to go and visit him.”

 So he travelled to this kingdom and upon arrival, he saw that the people were happy, playful, loving, kind and he went to the king and the wise king graciously received him.

“Oh wise king”, he asked, “Why are your people so happy and you have so few people suffering, such as in my kingdom?”

The wise king asked him, “Are you hooked up to the spiritual Internet? “ 

“We have the best fibre optics internet in the land”, boasted the visitor. 

“No, “ said the wise king, “not the actual internet, the Universal Spiritual Internet called “Source”. 

“Where do I buy it? How much did it cost?” “I’ll pay for anything. My kingdom has untold riches, but my people suffer the highest addictions, the most incarcerations and are the unhappiest people in the world,” said the visiting king.

“You can’t buy it”, said the wise king. “It’s free. It’s in everyone, even the lowliest peasant. Each of us has a spiritual wifi, and the best part is there is no monthly fee.” “Your kingdom is turned off, the key in turning this switch on to this wifi, is in your mind. Your kingdom’s citizens only have the conscious mind which controls the part we use in speaking, listening, understanding, thinking.  They also have  the unconscious mind which controls their breathing, heart beating, and molecular functioning.”

 “I know about the conscious and unconscious mind”, said the visiting king.

 “But, there is a very important part of the mind that you aren’t aware of, and that’s the subconscious. This is the part that controls feelings, emotions, this is where disease originates from. This is where the trauma stays that you imprisoned there. This holds your creativity and your spirit.  This is also how you communicate with Source, it is the roadmap to the  Divine. Your brain only uses 10% of its capacity to manage the unconscious and conscious mind, wouldn’t you want to turn on the subconscious, the spiritual wifi and start using 90% of your brain potential?”

“That makes sense,” said the visiting king, while thinking that by increasing his people’s creative abilities he would be able to increase his economy and subsequently afford more goods and services to meet his increasing public expenses. “But I noticed that your people are truly happy”, said the visiting king ponderingly. “”Why is that so?”, he asked.

“In order to turn on this spiritual wifi, my people have to go through bliss. This wifi is not connected to their intellect, or brains, although we study the brain or mind, this subconscious is located in the heart, where true love arises.” 

Not fully understanding the wise king’s words, but he was willing to do what the wise king showed him,  the visiting king returned to his kingdom, turned on his spiritual wifi and soon became happy. He taught his citizens to turn on their spiritual wifi and they also became happy, and he noticed a big change for the better, and they lived happily ever after.

The End.

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