What is the next stage of spiritual evolution for QHHT practitioners?

QHHT has been a great tool to use with clients for them to have a spiritual experience and an experience where they access their own soul, their subconscious. However, the time has come to expand both clients’ and practitioners’ experiences. 

Firstly, we need to start teaching our client’s how to access their own spiritual areas or realms. We need to understand that we’re there to empower our clients. We are all spiritual beings and now we need to start teaching how to access these areas for all concerned. By doing so, we are sharing the Love

Secondly, we need to start going up with the client in session. We need to be there as an observer, innately listening, and experiencing and expanding the session with them, without leading it. Acting as a patient observer, permitting the Divine to expand, and grow the session for the client.

Thirdly, we need to open up all the spiritual realms for the clients and for ourselves. Typically, many practitioners have been limited to talking to the subconscious. But there are so many places to go and visit and experience in the spiritual realms; from the Akashic records, to the Council of Elders, to various healing Temples and so forth. We shouldn’t be limiting the client to just channeling their own Soul or their subconscious for healing. 

Many practitioners have reached out and learned additional techniques like BQH, RTT, Life Between Lives and so forth to expand their skill base and provide more healing for their clients. However, working with the Divine, which provides the most powerful healing, takes time and experience.That is why a spiritual stepping stone if you will was created-The Temple of Divinity.

Fourthly, a great place of learning how to work in the spiritual realm, with the Divine is “The Temple of Divinity(™).” This was created in December of 2020. It is a special place of healing the heart, and mending the relationship with the Divine, where the Divine itself will lead the sessions. Learning about working in the spiritual realms is key for our own evolution, for our client’s and for the planets.

Fifthly, the introduction of multi-dimensionality. Our higher selves are multidimensional beings and we need to increase our own frequencies, energies to tap into this skill set. We won’t be able to do this as an observer, we need to receive the energies, healings and expanded consciousness that will permit this to happen. This is possible within the Temple of Divinity. 

Sixthly, past life work is profoundly effective, however, we need to learn how to access parallel lives and even future timelines as well. Time is elastic, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to one technique or timeline.

Lastly, energy healing will become the norm in the spiritual realm. Typically, reiki energy and hypnotherapy have been separate. The time of combining the two modalities has been shown by the Divine to be key in healing. No longer will clients be asleep during the reiki sessions. You can actually do reiki or energy healing in the Temple of Divinity and bring other ascended masters, angels and guides to guide these healing sessions so that the client can be fully aware of who worked on them and reintegrate these healings successfully, into their physical and mental bodies.

We are just starting to scratch the surface of this amazing area of spiritual evolution as practitioners. The Temple of Divinity will permit us all to grow, learn, heal and evolve.

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